Public-Private Associations



Public-Private Associations (PPAs)

These are contracts between public and private organizations for the design, funding, construction, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure projects and public interest services, which transfer to the private sector a part of the risks and responsibilities, while the State maintains its authority over control and regulation.

In ALIARSE, we recognize that the State needs to guarantee the provision of public services and quality infrastructure in a cost-efficient fashion. PPAs can be instrumental to achieve that goal. In fact, Costa Rica has been promoting for over two decades public-private initiatives for the development of infrastructure and the provision of quality public services. Nevertheless, the country faces challenges when establishing new PPAs while creating the right conditions to promote them within the context of severe fiscal restriction and large gaps in infrastructure.

In this sense, ALIARSE aims to generate knowledge, build capacity, and advise public organizations to promote best practices for transparent management of future PPAs.


ALIARSE performs research activities of regulatory frameworks, best management practices for PPAs, and the systematization of experiences concerning design of contracts and financial structure of PPA projects, to make them available by way of publications, experience-exchange activities, and training programs.

Promoting best practices will contribute to reinforce the State’s capacity to be a good partner to the private sector, and to create a culture of public-private cooperation for long-term projects of strategic importance to the country.

For Whom? Ministry of National Planning, Ministry of the Presidency, Ministry of Finance, Embassy of the United Kingdom.

What? Research concerning the regulatory framework, systematization of case studies, and best practices for PPAs.

How many? ALIARSE has conducted more than 10 research projects concerning PPAs in Costa Rica.

Some of the most outstanding research projects include:

Training and Consulting

ALIARSE contributes to create awareness of the role of PPAs as tools for the development of infrastructure and the provision of public services. Additionally, it builds capacity and offers consultancies to key State institutions, to reinforce their management of PPAs.

For Whom? Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, LANAMME-UCR, Canadian Embassy.

What? Seminars, courses, grants for specialized courses and graduate degrees on PPAs.

How many? Some of the most important awareness, training and consulting activities implemented are:

See awareness and training activities
  • Seminar: Towards best practices of structuring and managing PPA projects: the French case.French Embassy-COMEX. 2017
  • Seminar: OCED recommendations for transportation infrastructure and PPAs. ALIARSE – United Kingdom Embassy.
  • Course on Public-Private Associations for the development of Infrastructure.National Laboratory for Materials and Structural Models, LANAMME – University of Costa Rica. 2015.
  • Transparency system for the management of administrative contracts.Municipality of Mora- Canadian Embassy. 2015.
  • Seminar: Public-Private Associations – The Canadian Experience. Canadian Embassy.
  • Workshop: Public-Private participation for the improvement of public infrastructure. Infrastructure UK. 2014.
  • Seminar: Public-Private Partnerships for the modernization of physical infrastructure. Latina University. 2013.

Political Incidence

ALIARSE recognizes that, to advance the national agenda on PPAs, it not only needs to reinforce public capacities, but also to raise citizen awareness of the role of PPAs for the development of infrastructure and the provision of public services, as well as to impact on public policies to orient and facilitate PPAs in the country.

For Whom? Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCED), Ministry of Finance.

What? ALIARSE supports the development of guides, public policies, and legislation for PPAs.

ALIARSE carries out activities for public incidence, prominent among which are:

  • • Public Policy for Public-Private Associations.
    Ministry of Finance.
  • Regulations for contracts for Public-Private Cooperation.
    Ministry of the Presidency.
  • • Development and monitoring of work plan prepared in response to OCED’s recommendations for transportation infrastructure.
    OCED – Ministry of Foreign Trade, COMEX.
  • • Basic guide for the financial analysis of projects developed under PPAs’ structures.
    Ministry of Finance.