About us

We are the organization that promotes Public-Private Partnerships

The Foundation for Sustainability and Equality, known as ALIARSE, is an initiative promoted by public institutions and private companies which, aware of the economic, social, and environmental challenges faced by the country, and exercising their social responsibility, have joined forces to contribute to national development, social justice, and sustainability.

The organization was created in 2006 by a group of professionals who had become aware of the scope and impact of public-private partnerships. Since its creation, ALIARSE became a catalytic agent for public and private interaction in the search for the common good.
To achieve its mission, ALIARSE conducts research, training, and consulting activities, as well as design and management of public-private partnerships for development (PPPDs) in the fields of local development, education, health, and the environment. Besides, ALIARSE also carries out research, training, and consulting activities on public-private associations (PPAs) for the development of infrastructure and the provision of quality public services at efficient prices.


ALIARSE has carried out research projects for the Interamerican Development Bank, UNEP, World Health Organization (WHO), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), The Partnering Initiative (TPI), International Youth Foundation, and ZEEZN. It has developed training programs for national and multinational companies and public institutions, such as OECD; the Ministry of Public Education; the Ministry of Planning; the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade; INTEL; and the University of Costa Rica. It has conducted consultancies for BAC and FEMSA and has managed projects together with such diverse organizations as Hewlett Packard, Amazon, CEMEX, the Clínica Bíblica Hospital, the Cleveland Foundation, Coca Cola Foundation, MAPFRE Foundation, Fundecooperación, CRUSA Foundation, UNDP, JICA, and the Government of the United Kingdom, among others.

Our ambition

To maximize the impact of the different structures of public-private cooperation for sustainable development.

Our motivations

  • To develop effective structures of cooperation for sustainable development.
  • To strengthen the social responsibility of the State and its citizens.
  • To promote cost-efficient structures for the management of development.

Our values

  • Commitment
  • Cooperation with shared responsibilities
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Transparency

Strategic goal

ALIARSE will promote an increased public-private participation in the management of sustainable development, by advocating public policy, capacity-building for the management of PPPDs and PPAs and ensuring the sustainability and scalability of the partnerships it manages.

To this end, it becomes essential to systematize the best practices for PPPDs and PPAs in the country and the rest of Latin America; apply the PPPDs’ management systems; and encourage important training and consulting efforts with key stakeholders. Additionally, we will contribute to the development and reinforcement of public policies, and to the use of PPPDs and PPAs, particularly by the public sector.

Promoting public-private partnerships that contribute to sustainable development.
To become the reference organization for PPPDs by fostering an increased public-private participation in the management of sustainable development.

ALIARSE’s strategic areas are:

  • Research
    Case studies and systematization of best practices for the design and management of PPPDs and PPAs.
  • Training and Consulting
    Workshops, training courses, and consulting for the design and management of PPPDs and PPAs.
  • Projects
    Design and management of PPPDs for education, health, environment, and local development.
  • Promotion of PPPDs-PPAs
    Activities with political incidence for the promotion of PPPDs and PPAs as tools for the management of development.

ALIARSE facilitates public-private partnerships seeking:

  • Education: to promote new behaviors and improve the employability of youth and people in vulnerable conditions.
  • Health: to contribute to the improvement of public health.
  • Environment: to promote sustainable management of water resources, integrated management of solid waste, energy efficiency, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
  • Local development: to facilitate articulation and cooperation between stakeholders in the field to promote local development.



Public Sector


Private Sector


NGOs and Embassies

ALIARSE relies on an interdisciplinary team of technical staffers, experienced in the design and management of Public-Private Partnerships for Development and Public-Private Associations. Our team includes:
Board of Directors
  • President: Jorge Nowalski Rowinski
  • Representative from the Executive Power: Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Echandi
  • Representative from the Municipality of San José: Gonzalo Ramírez Guier
  • Treasurer: Luis Mesalles Jorba
  • Secretary: Marta Blanco Cordero
  • International Adviser on PPPDs: Darian Stibbe
  • International Adviser on PPPDs: Katie Hester
  • Public-Private Associations Adviser: Federico Villalobos
  • Administrative Recruitment Adviser: German Brenes
  • Strategic Communications Adviser: Grettel Alfaro
Technical Staff
  • Executive Director: Aitor Llodio
  • Director of Environmental Projects:
  • Director of Social Projects: Andrea Cabalceta
  • Political Incidence Adviser: Nancy Hernández
  • Training and Consulting Coordinator: Daniela Blanco
  • Communications Coordinator: Jennifer Rojas
  • Social Projects Manager: Grettel Calderón
  • Environmental Projects Manager: Luis Miguel Araya
  • Administrative Assistant: Marisol Alvarado
  • Accountant: Wendy Moya